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Introducing Chris Wenger and Gayle Edwards, participants in Castlegar Art Walk 2014

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Valhalla Goats

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Castlegar ArtWalk Editor: April Cuffy


Castlegar Art Walk 2014 runs until September 14, featuring more than 30 local and regional artists and artisans, displaying work at 26 venues around Castlegar. Maps for this self-guided art tour are available at the Castlegar Visitor Centre. For more information, please visit


Each week, The Castlegar News is featuring biographies from different artists in the show.


Artist Name: Chris Wenger

Venue: Castlegar & District Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centre (#22)

Medium: Photographs

Current City: Castlegar, BC




I was born in Vernon, BC in 1982, but moved to Castlegar when I was eight years old. I graduated from Stanley Humphries Secondary School in 2000 and attended Selkirk College afterwards. From there, I moved to Vancouver to pursue my career in digital art and design, which included getting a diploma in video game art/design, as well as graduating from the Capilano University interactive design program.

In Vancouver, I gained over five years’ experience working in the digital art and design industry, however I’m currently living the Kootenay life in Castlegar.

My progression as a photographer began when my father gave me my first camera in 2005, which introduced me to the world of photography. Since then, I have been self-taught and usually learn by “trial and error,” while continually exploring new techniques.

Artist Statement:

My work is inspired by nature, wildlife, and the environment that surrounds us. I use my background knowledge as a digital artist in my pursuits to capture our environment in ways that encourage others to go out and explore the world we live in.


Artist Name: Gayle Edwards

Venue: Bagels & Brew (#19)

Medium: Acrylic Paintings (landscapes)

Current City: Castlegar, BC

Pictured below: Creek by Gayle Edwards

Bio and Artist Statement:

Having just started painting (and taking lessons) upon my retirement in 2004, I am relatively new to painting and also Castlegar Art Walk, where I am a second-year participant. I have been taking classes with Mirja Vahala at the Windborne B&B since 2009, where I have learned mostly acrylic painting. Previously, when I lived in Prince George, I also took watercolour classes.

I find with art, one can never stop learning, as there is always a new technique and endless amounts of skills to learn. It is also very challenging at times, as we learn about perspective, colour combinations and values, and so much more. I am excited to keep on painting as I continue to learn more about it.

I love taking canvas or a piece of paper and creating something on it. As I quite enjoy nature, most of my paintings reflect that subject matter. I would never have guessed at being in an Art Walk event a few years ago, and so I thoroughly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.