Castlegar Art Walk: Meet Gayle Edwards

Edwards works can be found at GraviTea Coffee Toys.

Castlegar Art Walk: Meet Gayle Edwards

Name of Artist: Gayle Edwards

Venue: #20 GraviTea Coffee & Toys

Artistic Medium: Painting (watercolour & acrylic)

Hometown: Castlegar

Artist’s Bio and Statement:

I have always enjoyed painting and anything to do with Art. I started painting classes after retiring and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since., I began taking classes in Prince George at the Artist Co-op, and since moving to Castlegar, have taken classes with Mirja Vahala at the Windborne Bed and Breakfast.

Just as some people find music, dancing, singing to be their creative side, I find art to be that for me. One can lose themselves, in what they love to do, and it is most therapeutic. Being able to paint,even just for the fun of it, has seen me through illness and sad times. My only regret is that I did not start sooner, but I hope to continue to draw and paint for a long time to come.

Thanks Castlegar Art Walk for opening the opportunity for many artists to show their work.