Comedians plan to ski and, time permitting, perform

A comedy tour built around the best ski hills in B.C. is coming to Castlegar on Feb. 2.

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

A comedy tour built around the best ski hills in B.C. is coming to Castlegar on Feb. 2.

Now in its third year, the Snowed In Comedy Tour players ski and snowboard during the day and hit the stage at night. This year, the tour has 23 stops, making it the biggest year yet.

Craig Campbell, originally from Calgary but now living in the United Kingdom, said he loves coming back to Canada to participate in the tour each year.

“I try my very best to get everyone on our trip to try Alberta beef,” Campbell said from the tour’s stop in Revelstoke earlier this week. “I like to show off Canada to other people.”

The tour will come through Fernie and Nelson before coming to Castlegar, and Campbell said he knows the area quite well from when his time growing up in Alberta.

Campbell said he has no doubt there will be a lot of B.C. references during the set.

“It’s not official, but I’m semi-officially electing myself the MC of this trip,” he said, noting that comedians usually try and avoid that position during shows, but it’s one he doesn’t mind.

“It plays very, very well into my style.”

As far as Castlegar references, he said “I’m very aware of your short runway.”

Since the city is on the river, Campbell said we might be better off starting a ferry service, improving our chances of getting in and out of Castlegar when travelling.

The other comedians, Phil Nichol, Dan Quinn and Peter Kelamis all take time off from other gigs around the world for the five-week long tour, where spending days on the mountain is definitely a large appeal.

After Revelstoke, the tour is heading to Golden, where Campbell said the skiers are a little intimidating.

“The locals just hunker down and eat protein shakes until 15 feet of snow has fallen.”

Campbell said although it would seem the risk for injury would increase because they’re on the mountain so much, it’s actually the opposite.

They’ve been improving their skill and taking it easy — not dropping off cliffs.

Campbell said he’s a lot more careful now that he’s older, but about 10 years ago did break his ankle while snowboarding in Fernie. He said one of his biggest troubles with that accident filling out the forms with his occupation.

“It’s very hard to be a Canadian comedian when there’s no box to tick,” he said.

When they come through Castlegar, the tour will hit Whitewater before heading to the stage at Element.

Showtime is 9 p.m. and tickets are $25.

To purchase call 1-888-222-6608.