Pictured from left

Pictured from left

Hoyt trio serves a stellar matinee

Award winning Lizzy Hoyt and sidemen superb on Sunday in Castlegar

With significant awards comes credibility that serves as a calling card, something everyone would like to include in their promo package.

Lizzy Hoyt has that kind of credibility thanks to more than one prestigious kudo in her collection. “Best Female Artist” in the International Acoustic Music Awards, for example, means anyone heading to see the Alberta-based artist is in for something worthwhile. But it wasn’t clear until Lizzy, Keith Rempel and Chris Tabbert  began their set at Castlegar United Church on Sunday, how worthwhile the experience would be. The performance was presented by the Kootenay Gallery, part of the TD Bank Sunday Concert Series.

Getting to see a group like this in an intimate setting like this is really something else. The expertise displayed by each musician is jaw-dropping and it’s matched by their sensitivity and taste.

Lizzy Hoyt displays equal mastery of the fiddle, harp and guitar, complemented by an otherworldly voice. To top it off she comes across as a truly natural and relaxed, people-loving performer.

Rempel on bass and back-up vocals and Tabbert, alternating between guitar and mandolin, were understatedly superb.

With a set running the gamut from ancient French Christmas pieces… barn-burning fiddle tunes and lovely original pieces, to spot-on tributes to Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton, the strong and supportive crowd was more than pleased. For good measure Lizzy took a couple of high-energy step-dancing turns on a well-secured wooden square in front of the stage before the 90-odd minute show was complete.

Rempel and Tabbert were, as mentioned, rock-solid and when given a chance to step out, more than up to the task.

There was more than enough tone to go around on this occasion, anyone who didn’t quite think so was able to join the crowd at the CD table following the show for some more to-go.

Don’t be surprised to hear of more accolades and awards accumulate for Lizzy Hoyt and her colleagues as time goes by.