Pied Pumkin (L-R) Shari Ulrich

Pied Pumkin (L-R) Shari Ulrich

Pumkin fans pack the Castle

Pied Pumkin proves they've lost nothing over the years

Anyone of baby boomer age you may have noticed with a quirky bounce in their step lately, had possibly been absorbing the joy being ladled out at the Castle Theatre on Monday night.

Pied Pumkin was on the marquee that evening and the place was intimately close to capacity.

The legendary trio, in the midst of a string of 22 shows in 20 cities and towns was at its eclectic, rhythmic, melodic and harmonic best. The two hour-plus sets went by in a flash of glorious nostalgia, but the material seemed every bit as relevant and appealing as ever. Joe Mock, Rick Scott and Shari Ulrich – three massive individual talents making one incredible team.

I remember taking in Pumkin shows back in the 70s at places like Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom. Their concerts were exciting, energetic… completely original with nothing close to a low point.

Flawless musicianship, clever arrangements, instrumental variety and charismatic delivery were the order of the day, complete with just the right measures of humour and social consciousness.

They’ve brought it all to 2012 and it’s all intact. What they’ve added is maturity.

Approximately 200 more adoring fans could not likely have been found anywhere, and they’ll be looking forward to the Pumkin’s return to the unique Castle Theatre – a tall order considering the various commitments of the three.

Speaking of the Castle – kudos to Lowell Bradley and Dean Steblyk for keeping such a place in operation, and best of luck with the continuing improvements they have in their plans.

They’re pictured below, flanking the group with Lowell on the left.