Rockin’ time machine at Castlegar’s Element

Accurate tribute to be payed to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple

Band members are roughly the same age as Led Zeppelin members when starting out

Band members are roughly the same age as Led Zeppelin members when starting out

The Led Zeppelin Show’ presents a straight-up, no-holds barred portrayal of Led Zeppelin that will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

From the dynamic onstage presence to the detail of the instrumentation and wardrobe, ‘The Led Zeppelin Show’ pays sincere homage to Zeppelin’s powerful, unmistakable sound. Composed of dedicated Led Zeppelin acolytes, all the members of ‘The Led Zeppelin Show’ are very close to the actual ages of the real members when they formed the band in 1968 and as a result, they not only have the look and sound but also all the energy, power and testosterone to recreate the mind-blowing experience of an actual live Led Zeppelin concert.


Prepare to be transported back in time to when the ultimate band of hard rock was tearing up the world and making history! “Highway Star”  the ultimate Deep Purple tribute group from Vancouver will open the show with all the classic songs from Deep Purple. The look, the sound, the feel of the real thing! You do not want to miss the Masters of 70’s Rock Tour. Get your advance tickets now at participating ticket outlets.

Advance Tickets On Sale Now! $25 tickets phone Element club at 250-365-8066 or at Sounds West Audio store in Trail phone; 1-888-695-7121 or at Packrat Annie’s in Nelson phone: 250-354-4722 Electric, gripping and explosive, the ultimate concert re-creation.