Clarice Tuai showing the 50 Objects for 50 Years exhibit at the Trail Museum. Photo: Sheri Regnier

Clarice Tuai showing the 50 Objects for 50 Years exhibit at the Trail Museum. Photo: Sheri Regnier

Trail museum opens new Doukhobor exhibit

‘50 Objects for 50 Years’ runs until October 1

If you’re a fan of local history and looking for something interesting to do, then stop by the Trail Riverfront Centre to take in the museum’s new exhibit called, “50 Objects for 50 Years.”

“The Trail Museum and Archives is delighted to partner with the Doukhobor Discovery Centre in their 50th year of operations to host ‘50 Objects for 50 Years,’” began museum director Sarah Benson-Lord. “This is our first regional collaboration and we hope to encourage more local interest in our regional heritage.”

Officially opened in 1971 as a Castlegar-Kinnaird BC Centennial project, the Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society has continued to maintain and expand the Doukhobor Discovery Centre (DDC) for more than 45 years. Numerous fundraising efforts, countless volunteer hours, membership support and restoration projects have moved it forward from the modest initial establishment to the world class heritage museum it is today.

“The DDC is a result of the passion of B.C.’s Doukhobor community and numerous members of Selkirk College, the goal was to preserve Doukhobor culture and history in the area,” Benson-Lord explains.

“Today, the DDC continues to exist in order to preserve and exhibit the historic cultural heritage and home industries of the Doukhobor peoples in a traditional communal village setting.

“This satellite exhibit showcases and commemorates Doukhobor industriousness, culture, and history in both Russia and Canada.”

The exhibition is available for viewing in the Riverfront Centre until Oct. 1. It is located to the back of the museum’s first floor galleries. As well, the Doukhobor Discovery Centre is now open for the season.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Trail Museum and Archives to showcase Doukhobor history in their museum and in the community of Trail, where many Doukhobor owned businesses and the Doukhobor culture once thrived,” says Ryan Dutchak, the DDC’s director of museum and culture.

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