LETTER: A Columbia Avenue construction question

LETTER: A Columbia Avenue construction question

Well, we have survived the first six weeks of chaos on Columbia. Or at least I have. I have heard reports that some vehicles have not been so lucky. No problem. I am sure that MarWest or the city (taxpayers) will offer to pay for any repairs.

Only four more months to go, and I have to ask why. Why only one shift working on this project? Everyone goes home at 5 p.m.. Is there a shortage of workers? I know that the nice new equipment is capable of working two shifts. It doesn’t get dark until after 9 p.m., and I am sure lights could be purchased. I could even lend them one, if it would help get this job done sooner. An extra shift would not change the overall cost to the contractor. I really do not understand why it is being done this way.

I also question the value of this project, and I do not think it was thought through. The money being spent, and what the people of Castlegar are being put through, for a handful of cyclists, makes me wonder about the priorities of council. Even if a good portion of the funding is coming from grants, this is not where the money should have gone. I am sure that a better plan for cyclists could have been found. (Woodland Drive) As things are, with the way the lanes will be, these cyclists will be fine until they reach Sherbiko Hill, and then their nice lanes end and they will get run down on the hill. I can think of other problems “down the road.” LOL Buses and snow removal, to name a couple. Oh well. We get what we vote for.

Albert Baker,