LETTER: Prosecute those who breach health directives

From retired lawyer Ken Wyllie.

I believe that the time has come to prosecute those organizers who, with total disregard and contempt for the directives of the chief medical health officer, continue to defy the law.

With offenders identified, violation tickets ought to be served and prosecuted. If disputed, the offenders may assert their fanciful legal defence that somehow they are lawfully entitled to have their Charter rights to assemble and spew a litany of misinformation, deemed in the public interest. Those who physically confront, harass, threaten and intimidate health care workers, first responders, store and restaurant owners and their employees, should face criminal prosecutions .

The simple and plain reality is that some individuals are being whipped up into a mob-like frenzy devoid of rational behaviour and consequently are bringing the administration of justice into disrepute. What greater or more frightening example of the tearing apart of the fabric of society exists than that which we witnessed with the American insurrection of Jan. 6? Is this, I ask, the example we are destined to follow?

Of one thing I’m absolutely certain: anyone believing that such fanatical behaviour is lawfully justified or protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is sadly deluded.

Ken Wyllie


(The writer is a retired criminal defence lawyer.)