LETTER: Thanks to the Trail hospital

LETTER: Thanks to the Trail hospital

Former patient says service far exceeded expectations

I would like to publicly thank the personnel of the emergency department at the Trail hospital during my visit around 11:00 a.m., on April 13, 2018.

While accompanying my wife for a test at the hospital, I asked the front desk staff if there was a walking clinic in Trail. I was informed that there was none available but I could try the emergency department. I followed the suggestion.

I was promptly attended by a very pleasant and knowledgeable nurse that then asked to wait for the doctor. After a very short time, a very pleasant doctor attended me and I was on my way home.

This service far exceeds my expectations based on my experience in other locations in B.C. On my way out, I asked a pleasant volunteer of the Hospital Auxiliary for a suggestion box to write a note to the hospital, she answered that there was none. I suggested considering placing one. She suggested to send a letter to the newspaper editor.

Enrique Sanchez,