BC Transit responds to the independent review panel

Overall, transit systems in British Columbia compare very favourably with their counterparts across Canada

  • Aug. 15, 2012 2:00 p.m.

VICTORIA – BC Transit is pleased that the Independent Review Panel concluded that, “Overall, transit systems in British Columbia compare very favourably with their counterparts across Canada, particularly in terms of ridership, supply of service and efficiency of services provided.” This reaffirms BC Transit’s commitment to providing efficient and effective services for our customers and taxpayers across the province.

In addition to the report, the Panel commissioned a comprehensive attitude and opinion survey. Local governments gave BC Transit positive scores in overall relationships 90% (good or fair), communication 86% (good or fair) and value for money 73% (good or fair).

While the report and the survey results acknowledge the significant improvements that have been achieved over the past several years, they also highlight some areas for ongoing attention. As the report states, many of these process improvements are already being implemented by BC Transit. Each of the remaining improvements will be reviewed in detail and BC Transit is committed to working collaboratively with provincial and local government partners so that they too may be implemented. The process improvements recommended by the Independent Review Panel will help shape the future of BC Transit and make it even better.

Governance is the other common theme in the report by the Independent Review Panel. “Our governance model is set out in legislation called the BC Transit Act. The Act sets out (in detail) the rules that we must operate within.  Any change to governance is the responsibility of government,” said BC Transit President & CEO Manuel Achadinha. “We have proven that we are operating efficiently and effectively under the existing governance model. We are confident that any changes to the governance model will ensure that we can continue to provide efficient and effective transit service to our customers and to taxpayers.”

According to the Panel report, cities and towns have positive experiences with BC Transit, “…local government partners felt that BC Transit was a valuable partner that allows communities to provide a standard of public transportation services that might not otherwise exist.” Pg. 22

Before the Review was initiated, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, repeatedly stated BC Transit provides a very good transit system across the province and this review is about making it even better. As presented in the report, BC Transit serves more than 130 municipalities across British Columbia; and when compared to peers across Canada carries more passengers at a lower cost. This is the result of hard work and dedication of staff at BC Transit, its operating companies and its government partners.

BC Transit welcomes the results of this Review and looks forward to working with its partners to ensure the system remains an industry leader in efficiency and effectiveness.