Confluence of Kootenay and Columbia Rivers on June 23

Confluence of Kootenay and Columbia Rivers on June 23

Boating safety in high water

With many water systems at or near the flood stage across the province, the government offers the following information

Victoria – High water levels have prompted Kamloops RCMP to close the North

and South Thompson rivers to boaters. All boaters should be aware of the

heightened danger high water levels present:


* Boat traffic and use where flooding has occurred should be restricted to

emergency use only.


* High water areas may contain debris and submerged objects that are not

visible, putting boaters at risk.


* Docks and loading areas may be damaged or destroyed and should not be

relied on for safe use.


* Boaters are reminded to reduce speed to 10 km/h within 30 metres (100

feet) from the shore.


* Flooded shorelines are extremely vulnerable to damage from boat wake and

prop wash.


* Strong wake activity striking the banks can cause rapid and severe

erosion and damage to dikes and retaining walls.


* Wake impact can also churn up sediments, degrading the aquatic

environment and endangering its residents.


And remember:

* Alcohol is a factor in more than 40 per cent of recreational boating



* So, if you must be on the water, be safe, cautious and courteous.

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