(Photo by Đoàn Ngọc Thành on Unsplash)

(Photo by Đoàn Ngọc Thành on Unsplash)

Booze seized at ‘Stag Night’ in the Pend D’Oreille

Trail RCMP report on confiscated alcohol during check points

No “paddles” were confiscated from high school students on stag night in the Pend D’Oreille.

But a boatload of booze was seized at road stops set up by the Trail RCMP on Tuesday night.

Around 80 vehicles were checked at two inspection points, reported Sgt. Mike Wicentowich, from the Trail and Greater District detachment, in a Wednesday morning news brief.

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As a result of these check stops, police seized: one bottle of 1.14 litre of hard alcohol (40 ounce); four 375 ml bottles of hard alcohol (mickey); 88 cans of alcoholic coolers/hard ice and lemonade type beverages; one mini-bottle of Peach Schnapps ; and 16 beer.

He did clarify that the young party-goers who were stopped, had made arrangements for designated drivers.

“The students all had dedicated sober drivers to take them to and from the site,” Wicentowich confirmed.

“Each student was warned that paddling another student would be considered an offence of Assault with a Weapon contrary to Section 267 of the Criminal Code,” he added.

“The RCMP will follow up with an education talk with the J.L. Crowe high school students at a future date.”

Besides alcohol confiscation, warnings were issued to two drivers for operating a vehicle without their “N.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the detachment reported that the RCMP were made aware of an unsanctioned Grade 11 and 12 known as “Stag Night,” planned in the Pend D’Oreille near the Seven Mile Dam.

Police were aware there would be consumption of alcohol by minors, and Wicentowich revealed “hazing” was reportedly planned for younger people attending this party.

“The ‘hazing’ consists of paddling younger students (Grade 11 and below) with wooden paddles,” the sergeant said.

He warned that the RCMP would be setting up an inspection check point on Seven Mile Dam Road with the intention of inspecting all vehicles attending the party, under the authority of the Liquor Licencing and Control Act.

Wicentowich advised that police would be seizing alcohol in possession of minors as well as excess liquor from adults attending the party, if officers believed it would be consumed by youth.

Wooden paddles would be seized, as a weapon, due to their purpose to assault other students.

“The RCMP would like to remind those of the recent tragedy early this year in this area in which two youth died in a motor vehicle accident on Seven Mile Dam Road,” he said.

“The RCMP want to ensure the event is a safe event and good time for all in attendance.”


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