The crash took out a street pole and damaged the side of the building. Photo: Connor Trembley

The crash took out a street pole and damaged the side of the building. Photo: Connor Trembley

Car crashes into Castlegar coffee shop

The coffee shop owner said the crash has caused thousand of dollars in damages

A man was sent to hospital after he crashed his car into the side of Lifestyles Coffee in Castlegar on Tuesday morning.

Business owner Kora Taylor had just started her shift when she heard a loud noise come from outside.

“We heard a huge bang and the whole building shook. Me and my staff ran outside right away, saw a street pole down and saw the driver get out of the car,” said Taylor.

“I asked him if he was alright and he said ‘yeah, I’m just a little shook up’. He started to fall, I caught him and then we ended up calling 911.”

Taylor said the man was driving southbound and heading home after working a night shift at the mill when the crash occurred. He was the only occupant in the vehicle.

The driver luckily didn’t hit Taylor’s parked car or the building next to the coffee shop.

“He literally just managed to miss my SUV,” said Taylor.

Damages to the side of the coffee shop were extensive.

“One of the two buildings that we have here at the coffee shop is toast. There is huge structural damage and its all broken and twisted inside.” said Taylor.

“We’re talking thousands of dollars in damages. These buildings are really expensive.”

Castlegar Fire Department fire chief Sam Lattanzio said the street light knocked over from the crash was completely destroyed and will have to be replaced.

The damaged building is owned by Kootenay Critters and an insurance adjuster has to assess the damages before repairs can occur.

Lattanzio reminds all motorists to pay attention on the road.

“When the crash occurred, we’re very lucky that there wasn’t a lot of other traffic or pedestrians around.”

“All motorists need to pay attention and follow all the rules of the road.”

Castlegar News hasn’t been able to confirm if the male driver has been released from hospital.

The man’s car has since been towed away and Lifestyles Coffee remains open to the public.

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