Castlegar's Emergency Operation Centre is located in the Fire Hall.

Castlegar fire chief praises Boston Pizza staff after responding to fire call at the restaurant

The fire department was called to Boston Pizza on Saturday night

Proper action by the employees of Boston Pizza is being credited with averting what could have been a large fire, according to Castlegar Fire Chief Sam Lattanzio.

Just before midnight May 15, the fire department was dispatched to a report of a boiler room/possible structure fire at Boston Pizza.

Lattanzio reports that fire crews were met by two Boston Pizza staff members and quickly determined that there was a possible malfunction with the water heater in the service room.

Firefighters confirmed that there was no fire extending beyond the object of origin and turned gas and power off to the building.

“At the time of the incident, it should be noted that the fire door was properly closed to the service boiler room and the fire alarm system was functioning properly which mitigated the possible potential for a full blown structure fire,” said Lattanzio.

“In addition, the staff working at the time followed their fire safety plan and should be commended.”

Lattanzio says no one was injured, and command of the scene was transferred to a property manager.

CFD responded with Engine 1 and Rescue 1 and a total of 13 firefighters. RCMP also responded to the incident.

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