Castlegar plants a facelift effort

Careful tree planting will coincide with sidewalk construction

Engineer Scott Wallace

Engineer Scott Wallace

By Barb Sinclair

Castlegar is making its downtown more pedestrian-friendly and esthetically pleasing. One project in the works is the installation of a new sidewalk on the west side of Columbia Avenue between 6th Street and 13th Avenue.

Last week Scott Wallace, Engineer, from True Consulting of Trail, was found measuring the sidewalk and tree area to install the same look across the street. The trees were planted about 15 years ago, staggered between the lamp posts, and now new trees will be planted on the west side to balance the look and finish the project. Also in the works, eventually, is paving along-side the new sidewalk, running up to the parking area at 6th Street.

Says Wallace “They want to eventually pave it so it’s not such a mud-pit in the winter  – that’s why they put in the new sewer line first (last year), knowing that the completion of this area could then be done.” The project, even though trees are lifting out of the grating that surround the base of the trunks, is working the way it was designed, and the trees are doing well.

There are pros and cons to having trees grown in boxes, but the look the city has gone for thus far looks pretty nice. Continues Scott, “The grating has several purposes; it let’s rain water in, allows the root systems to grow well, and it also let’s in the extra sanding material from the winter.” Work is expected to start shortly.