Central Kootenay RD salutes longest-serving director

Regional District of Central Kootenay pays tribute to John Voykin

  • Dec. 1, 2011 7:00 p.m.
Director John Voykin (L) receives a gift presented by Chair John Kettle on behalf of the RDCK board

Director John Voykin (L) receives a gift presented by Chair John Kettle on behalf of the RDCK board

The RDCK Board honoured retiring Director John Voykin of Electoral Area I at its Nov. 24 meeting in recognition of his 31 years of service.

“It was a pleasure to serve the people” said Voykin as he addressed the Board.

“Ours is one of the most progressive regional districts in the province,” he said, citing the many services the RDCK delivers to its residents. He also commended RDCK staff on their excellence and thanked everyone for their support.

Chair John Kettle presented Director Voykin with gifts on the Board’s behalf and thanked him for his exceptional service to the RDCK. “You will be missed,” he said, and recounted how Voykin encouraged him when he was new to the Board.

Chair Kettle gifted Director Voykin’s wife, Elizabeth, with flowers and thanked her for the supporting role she’s played in her husband’s political career over the past three decades.

Director Lawrence Chernoff, Mayor of Castlegar, stated that “John dedicated his career to the benefit of all. From the perspective of the City of Castlegar and the recreation commission, it was always ‘what can we do together?’ which he maintained all the way through his tenure as director of Area I.”

Area J Director Gordon Zaitsoff said “It has been a pleasure serving along side John Voykin for the last nine years. We have worked very closely and achieved some landmark projects for our area. I wish John the best in his retirement from local politics and a much deserved relaxation on his homestead.”

Jim Gustafson, CAO, praised the retiring director for always being a “gentleman.”

John Voykin is the longest-serving director in the RDCK’s history, having represented Electoral Area I since December 1980. He was also the first Chairman of the West Kootenay-Boundary Regional Hospital District Board, which was formed in 1996. Director Voykin also served as Chair of the Central Kootenay Regional Hospital District.

Andy Davidoff will take John Voykin’s place at the RDCK Board table, having been elected as Area I Director in the November 19 civic election.