Castlegar from the air.

Castlegar from the air.

City making progress on strategic plans

The City of Castlegar has released the 2017 Review of the Castlegar Strategic Plan.

The City of Castlegar has released the 2017 Review of the Castlegar Strategic Plan. It is a summary of how things are going in relation to the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.

The document explains that a strategic plan is a living document subject to changes. It states, “Periodic reviews of the plan are necessary in order to monitor progress of existing goals and consider new opportunities that have strategic value to the community.”

The opening statement explains that the municipal council intends to pursue the listed goals during their present term, which expires in 2018.

The three pillars of the plan are:

Infrastructure — maintaining and improving reliability.

Wellness — building a healthy community for all.

Economic development — planning a vibrant community that will grow and provide future opportunities.

Items reaffirmed from the 2016 strategic plan include:

• Columbia Avenue renewal, 12th Street to 24th Street.

• Water system improvements and water meter implementation.

• Storm sewer system improvements.

• Property taxation review.

• Airport reliability enhancements and airport land development.

• Recreation and cycling improvements.

According to the document, “All of the above-listed projects have been advanced and progress made.” This includes construction, planning and discussion stages.

The plan also acknowledges that there are many other issues that may need to be addressed and that prioritizing and securing funding is difficult.

Other areas of potential concern are listed as:

• No additional major infrastructure projects were considered.

• Poverty in the city.

• A growing seniors community and the need for more services.

• Engaging with Selkirk College.

• Exploring ways to improve business retention and expansion.

• Projected low housing inventory.

• The city’s need to enhance communications with residents.

Copies of the strategic plan review can be found at City Hall. The complete 2016-2018 Strategic Plan can be found at