Council briefs from Oct. 15th Castlegar City Council meeting

A couple of zoning applications highlight the briefs from the Oct. 15 Castlegar city council meeting.

Businesses apply for zoning in Blueberry

A couple of local businesses have applied to Castlegar City Council for zoning amendments for property on Merlo Drive in Blueberry.

“It’s at the very preliminary stages,” said councillor Kevin Chernoff, who is the chair of the planning and development committee. “It still goes to the advisory committees first and then council. What it is is – we have two individuals looking at commercial buildings down below and they would use those building for their business needs. It’s located in an area most people know as Blueberry pits. It’s easily visible from the highway.”

Council passed two readings of Bylaw 1164 (Merlo Drive – Blueberry) which would amend the Official Community Plan. Council also passed two readings of Bylaw 1165 (Merlo Drive – Blueberry) which would amend the zoning bylaw.

Kootenay Market expansion

Before council began, there was a public forum on the proposed expansion of Kootenay Market.

“It was a presentation by the owners and developers of the property on what they have planned,” said councillor Kevin Chernoff. “As they move along on the process they’re making sure they keep the public informed and if there were any questions from the public, which there weren’t.”

Councillors voted unanimously to adopt Bylaw 1162, which is the zoning amendment bylaw for 1100-6th Street – Kootenay Market.

“They’re looking at doing a fairly large expansion to Kootenay Market in the first phase,” said Chernoff. “The second phase includes a stand-alone building on the property behind Oglow’s Paint.”

Cobra Climb proposals accepted

Council has voted on accepting recommendations from a public forum on Sept. 27 regarding the Cobra Climb.

“We gathered all the public information – the pros, the cons,” said councillor Deb McIntosh. “We wrapped it up in a nice package and council decided to move it forward to the 2013 budget. The improvements that have been initiated have been some of the parking, the signage, just making the entrance more appealing, and the lights going up.”

McIntosh said the costs would be more than expected which is why the improvements would be pushed to next year’s budget.

“The guys will have a chance to go through it thorough and see what needs to be done,” she said. “In the meantime, anything that is a hazard or perceived hazard will be looked at as general housekeeping within the city. If someone sees something that needs fixing they should let City Hall now.”

Ice rink

Council has voted to allow Civic Works to spend $15,000 to build two outdoor skating rinks at Kinnaird Park. The ice rink last year proved to be very popular.

“It was so well received last year that the City guys at Civic Works have decided to do it again,” said McIntosh. “We’re going to have two separate rinks so that the hockey guys can have theres and the skaters and kids can have one and not be worried about getting hit by pucks.”

Chris Barlow, director of Civic Works, stated at council that last year his department used hoses to flood the field at Kinnaird with no liner. This year, they would like to spend money on a proper rink liner with 18″ high boards.

“In future years, minimal equipment would be required to be purchased to construct the rinks,” Barlow said. “The liner is rated to last 3-5 years and the boards indefinitely.”

The money will be taken out of the parks operations and maintenance budget.