Alvin Dunic. (File)

Alvin Dunic. (File)

Crawford Creek search for missing teacher unsuccessful

School teacher Alvin Dunic has been missing for three weeks

Search and rescue crews were stumped after an intense search of Crawford Creek failed to produce any trace of missing teacher Alvin Dunic, who has been missing since May 29.

They had previously combed through the surrounding forested area, and now they’ve run out of places to look. West Kootenay public information officer Chris Armstrong said the search has been thorough.

“We conducted a river search Monday with nine swiftwater folks from Kimberley, Penticton, Oliver and Nelson. We used drop-cameras, probes, rafts and physically walked the river checking all the spots we were not able to do before and found nothing at all,” he said.

“We are confident that we have done all we can do at this time. We will aspire to return in late summer when water levels are at their lowest to make sure but we feel we have done what can be done until further information or clues come forward via the RCMP.”

Dunic’s wife Teeka Ferguson is determined not to give up.

“This week’s search of the creek did not bring us Alvin, nor any clue of his disappearance. I continue to focus on trying to get his face out across Canada and have been asking people on Facebook to post in their places of work. I’m looking into trying to utilize networks to get the missing persons poster in hospitals and other public places across Canada.”

Ferguson has reached out to national media in hopes of getting Dunic’s face seen country-wide, but so far has had no luck.

“If he’s not in the creek he has to be somewhere, and so, we need to find him.”