Gas prices climb

Gas prices climb

Castlegar at $1.49.9 is tops in region

Drivers may be forgiven for doing a double take next time they fill up their fuel tanks.

Gas prices throughout the West Kootenay have seen a recent surge.

According to, as of Tuesday, the downtown Trail Chevron and the Chevron outlet in Castlegar boast the highest local prices at $1.49.9 per litre.

That’s certainly enough to catch a driver’s attention considering prices were around $1.27 per litre last week.

And gas prices have climbed throughout the region.

Rossland’s only gas station is selling fuel at $1.41.9 per litre on Tuesday.

In Fruitvale, both stations are serving it up at $1.37.9 while the price in Montrose is $1.38.9 per litre.

The price in Warfield is $1.39.7 and in Glenmerry it’s $1.37.9.

Meanwhile the cheapest in the immediate area is at No Frills at the Waneta Plaza going for 137.7.

Further afield, the highest price of gas in Nelson is $1.39.7 while the cheapest is $1.32.7.

If you’re planning on going across the border to Northport to gas up, the price listed on is $3.22 per gallon. Factor in the exchange rate and converting to litres, the Canadian price equivalent would be $1.09 per litre.

The current average price in B.C. is $1.44.8 per litre with Vernon boasting the lowest price at $1.17.9 at a couple of gas stations.