Happy Ending

Georgia the Bichon Found

  • Aug. 25, 2011 10:00 a.m.
Georgia is reunited with her loving family

Georgia is reunited with her loving family

Georgia is a Bichon dog who traveled to the Fruitvale area from Alberta with her family for a wedding on the weekend of July 16t- 17. During the fun and excitement of the celebrations, Georgia was let off leash to play with all of the other happily cavorting dogs. Unfortunately, something spooked her; she took off and was impossible to catch. After friends and family were unable to catch her by that evening, they soon called us for our assistance; not only to help look, but just in case someone caught her and called us looking for an owner.

These first few days she was spotted many, many times by lots of people, but no one was able to catch or confine her.  At this point we suggested that they put up posters everywhere so that the community as a whole became aware that this frightened little dog was sorely missed by her owners and to call if they had any sightings of her. For the next week, this family stayed in the area to continue to search for their lost dog and called in every day wanting to know if someone else had had any luck. As both family and the shelter received numerous calls through this week, still no one had any luck.

But hope was kept alive by the very fact that she was continually spotted.  On the afternoon of Saturday, July 23, just before the family was going to have to leave the province the next day, there were sightings again in an area where she had been seen before throughout the week.  Family, friends and Danielle The Manager of The Trail Regional BC SPCA all took up another stake out and foot search and after about three hours of bush walking, Georgia was finally coaxed close enough for her owners to catch her.

We are happy to report that despite being a bit dirty; Georgia was in fairly good health with no scratches or injuries and although tired and hungry, was just happy to be alive. The family and we here at The Trail BC SPCA would like to thank the community for their amazing support through this very harrowing time. It was an incredible effort on behalf of everyone to keep their eyes out for this poor lost dog and for those who helped the family throughout their many exhaustive stakeouts and foot searches.

At this point we at The Trail Shelter would like this to be a lesson on the importance of not giving up on your lost animal. Despite this dog running through some highly trafficked areas with vehicles and wild life; she was still able to survive and make it back home. It is so important to let not only your local shelter know of your missing pet, but to also let the community know with posters, pictures, media, etc.

People won’t know that a wandering animal they see is an actual missing pet unless they are made aware to keep an eye out for it. Identification is also very important – tattoo’s, collars with up-to-date phone number and licenses from your community. And please, never assume wildlife must have gotten it, because you just never know; as Georgia’s reunion with her family so clearly demonstrates. To the Byington Family – we wish you all the best!