Housing project ahead for Woodland Dr.

More than 100 housing units slated for construction soon.

Good vantage points are plentiful along Woodland Drive.

Good vantage points are plentiful along Woodland Drive.

A multi-unit housing development is likely on the way to Castlegar soon.

A zoning amendment bylaw is being prepared and is expected to make way for major housing construction.

The topic was discussed at the July 14 city council meeting.

Director of Development Services, Phil Markin responded to a request for information from Coun. Gord Turner in regard to property to the west and uphill from the area of 15th Street and Columbia avenue (on Woodland Drive).

The topic had been covered at a meeting of the Planning and Development Committee on July 9.

Markin mentioned the next phase of a development in which, “…the new property owner wants to construct a number of multi-family buildings… 14 units in each one.”

Markin continued, “We’re doing our due diligence, making sure our infrastructure is adequate to support that type of density.”

Ample potential for development along Woodland Drive, pictured below,

More than 100 new housing units are expected, and Mayor Lawrence Chernoff sees no reason why anything ought to get in the way of the project’s speedy completion.

“I think this developer has got a good reputation,” he said . “He’s done a similar thing in Peachland and I think it speaks loads to the community.”

It’s another example, according to Chernoff, of the sort of roll the community appears to be on of late.

“The door’s open, we’re open for business and we’re really looking forward to this development. The views up there are just spectacular,” said the mayor. “We’re anxiously waiting for construction to start and bring some new families into our community.”