Kootenay Gambling Support is bringing awareness to a rise in online gambling. Photo submitted

Kootenay Gambling Support is bringing awareness to a rise in online gambling. Photo submitted

Kootenay Gambling Support is bringing awareness to a rise in online gambling

Kootenay Gambling Support is trying to bring more awareness to the fact that online gambling has significantly increased since the pandemic began. To that end, they are hosting a Gambling Awareness campaign in March 2022.

The Online Prevalence Gambling Study 2020 found that first-time online gamblers found that the convenience, 24/7 availability and comfort of playing from home were factors in them continuing to gamble.

Kootenay Gambling Support wants to bring awareness to gambling and the services and information available. Supports are also free and open for loved ones affected by someone’s gambling behaviours.They educate people who choose to gamble to make responsible choices to keep their habits healthy.

Kootenay Gambling Support will host a series of small events that they will post to their website and Facebook page [Kootenay Gambling Support]. They are launching a regional online contest titled ’Finding your Balance.’ People from the Kootenays can share their photos and stories about how they achieve balance during the pandemic. Share a high-resolution picture (300 pixels/inch) accompanied by a story, poem, haiku, or any appropriate description with a maximum of 50 words on the Facebook page with #GAM2022 or through email wkprevention@gmail.com.

Entries are eligible for a draw of three gift certificate prizes for your favourite local business. The value of the prizes will range from 1st prize $500, second prize $300 and third prize $150. Winners will be announced during the second week of April.

Kootenay Gambling Support continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. They continue to offer responsible and problem gambling awareness and education services, early-intervention support, Indigenous services, and problem gambling counselling, free of charge, to citizens of British Columbia. In-person and virtual service options are available (telephone and videoconferencing), including counselling and outreach support.

For more information on any of these services, contact the Gambling Support Line at 1-888-795-6111, check our website at Kootenay Gambling Support or send us an email at michelle.prevention.education@gmail.com to connect with a local provider.

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