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Letter: Litter not welcome in Castlegar

PITCH-IN Canada week is April 22-29 — time to get people thinking about keeping their properties clean
FILE — Castlegar Communities in Bloom open house organizers and presenters. (Betsy Kline/Castlegar News)

Castlegar Communities in Bloom (CIB) is trying to get the message out that litter is not welcome in our community.

With PITCH-IN Canada week approaching April 22-29, organizers thought it was a good time to get residents and businesses to think about keeping their properties clean, not just during the annual clean-up week, but all year.

“We want to make people aware how important tidiness is — littering is not acceptable,” said CIB organizer Darlene Kalawsky.

CIB has become increasingly concerned with the amount of debris and litter along the streets and sidewalks in both residential and business neighbourhoods. Another area of concern is waste flying out of people’s vehicles on their way to the landfill, with drivers just leaving it where it lands.

CIB would like to see businesses and individuals to take the initiative to keep their properties and the areas in front of their properties clean and tidy.

One of the comments made by a judge during last year’s CIB review of the city was that Castlegar could do a better job with tidiness.

Kalawsky said that a city sprinkled with litter does not make a good impression on visitors or investors.

“Let’s give back,” added Kalawsky. “Let’s look at our frontages daily. When people see a neat space, they are less likely to litter.”

Some people have gone so far as to throw bags of fast food garbage out of their car windows at CIB volunteers that were out cleaning roadways.

“We are proud of our community,” said Kalawsky. “We just want to keep Castlegar clean.”

PITCH-IN week is an opportunity to give the city a good spring cleaning. People participating in a clean-up are encouraged to take a photo of their activity and send it to People that participate in a clean-up are invited to attend a community BBQ at the end of the week on April 28 from noon to 1:30 p.m.

One of the ways people can help keep the city clean is by participating in the city’s Adopt-a-Road program. To find out more information, contact the program coordinator at 250-365-5979 or go to

Betsy Kline

About the Author: Betsy Kline

After spending several years as a freelance writer for the Castlegar News, Betsy joined the editorial staff as a reporter in March of 2015. In 2020, she moved into the editor's position.
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