Maddocks hoping to follow family footsteps into council seat

Profile of Castlegar council candidate Tyler Maddocks

Tyler Maddocks

Tyler Maddocks

At 24, Tyler Maddocks is undoubtedly the youngest candidate running for council in Castlegar.

“I think I could bring my youthful experiences and energy to the realm of representing the citizens of Castlegar,” he said. “I’m running to add a different perspective and bring new ideas to the table.”

Maddocks, a local assistant financial planner, was born and raised in Castlegar. He has lived here his whole life save for two years spent working at a marketing firm in Vancouver. He graduated from Selkirk College in Castlegar with a Business Administration diploma.

“I have a strong desire to get youth more involved in all areas of community life,” said Maddocks. “I think a good start to that would be incorporating social media and getting Facebook well known so people can keep updated and voice their opinions.”

Maddocks thinks the current council is doing a very good job keeping the budget balanced. He also believes the sewer and water expansion to the airport lands is important to the region.

“The airport expansion is very important for economic development for the area,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll see new jobs and business ideas for the area and a broader selection of businesses. So people don’t have to go to Trail, Nelson, Kelowna, Spokane for their shopping needs.”

Maddocks believes recreation is very important to the people of Castlegar and area. He would have liked to have seen more public consultation into the recent recreation expansion referendum at the Castlegar Community Complex.

“I believe something needs to be done,” he said. “I’ve heard Pioneer will have to shut down a some point. I think we need two hockey rinks in this hockey-rich community. Maybe a newer, cost-efficient arena.”

Maddocks also sees the water meter issue as important to local residents. “There’s a lot of negativity around the issue,” he said. “People saying that we live in such an area rich with water but that’s not the issue. I don’t think they’ve been presented with the facts of how much water this area is using and how we’re missing out on infrastructure grants. And how the costs of cleaning and pumping the water are so high in this area.”

Maddocks said, there’s more about the meters that need clarification. “They’re being installed in people’s houses and it’s not clear who exactly owns the water meter,” he said. “If anything goes wrong with the water meter, it leaks or causes water damage, who’s responsible for paying?”

Maddocks would like to see more consultation showing people that water meters could be a good idea and it would, on average, save them money.

Like many young people, Maddocks is involved with sports. He enjoys playing road hockey with his friends. He is also an avid guitar player.

Serving in office in Castlegar is something of a Maddocks family tradition. His grandfather (Colin Maddocks) and great uncle (Bob Maddocks) served as mayors in Kinnaird and Castlegar. His father, Richard, served as a councillor in Castlegar several years back.

“I’m very aware I have a lot to learn in the field, but given the chance to serve my community I will be willing to work with my colleagues and citizens of Castlegar to bring my ideas forth and become the best representative of this city that I can be,” he said.