Missing patient Koftinoff located and apprehended

Psychiatric patient taken into custody in Invermere, BC

  • Jul. 19, 2012 6:00 p.m.

The Castlegar News has learned from RCMP Sergeant Laurel Mathew of the safe apprehension of Ashley Patrick Koftinoff in Invermere on July 19. The Castlegar native had reportedly gone missing from a psychiatric facility in Kamloops where he had been receiving treatment.

Sergeant Mathew informed that Koftinoff had been taken into custody without incident and was being transported back to the Hillside Psychiatric Centre.

Kamloops RCMP had issued a press release on July 17 in regard to the disappearance of Koftinoff. The release stated, in part:

A Directors Warrant of Apprehension has been issued for a 37-year-old man who is said to be violent, mentally unstable and suicidal when he failed to return to the Hillside Psychiatric Centre after being given a one hour pass from the unit yesterday evening.

The RCMP is asking anyone who sees Koftinoff to contact their local police and warn members of the public to not approach or attempt to apprehend Koftinoff.

Last Friday evening medical staff at the Hillside Psychiatric Centre sought refuge behind a security barrier and called for police assistance when he was reported to have suffered a violent psychotic episode, was destroying property in the unit and was threatening to harm the medical staff. Several patrol officers and a police dog handler responded and was force to use a Taser to safely subdue the violent patient.

Released by:

Grant H. Learned, S/Sgt.

Kamloops City RCMP