Next week’s Habitat for Humanity fundraiser is shrouded in secrecy

Secrets abound in a new fundraiser set to support Habitat for Humanity next weekend.

  • Mar. 30, 2011 6:00 p.m.

Secrets abound in a new fundraiser set to support Habitat for Humanity next weekend.

“A Secret Destination Dinner and Dance” will start off at nine different Castlegar restaurants and finish at the Portuguese Hall for a dance.

Organizer Colleen Allarie said the way the fundraiser works is people will purchase their tickets and on April 8 they’ll receive either a phone call or email telling them where to go.

She said people don’t need to worry about being split up from their partner or significant other if they’re attending as a pair, but they won’t know who else will be at their venue and table.

“It’s a secret who you’re going to eat with,” Allarie said, “so people can meet new people within the community and do some networking as well.”

She didn’t want to divulge the names of the nine restaurants that are on board as it would give away part of the secret, but said the high number of participating venues means many of Castlegar’s restaurants are on board.

Each restaurant has prepared a special menu for the occasion as well, Allarie said. Event-goers will all sit at one big table at their restaurant (10 to 18 people, depending on the venue) so they’re able to get to know each other.

Although people won’t know which restaurant they’re going to, they’ll be able to list food dislikes or allergies when they buy their ticket.

“We don’t want to send someone with a seafood allergy to a seafood restaurant,” Allarie said.

After the dinner, everyone will meet at the Portuguese Hall for dancing and a live auction.

Tickets are $40, which includes the dinner and dance and can be purchased by calling Allarie at 250-304-2700 during the day or emailing