Owen Morris – candidate for Area I Regional Director

Owen Morris - candidate for Area I Regional Director

  • Nov. 17, 2011 2:00 p.m.
Owen Morris

Owen Morris

Hello residents of Area  I.

My name is Owen Morris.  I have been a resident of Area I for 21 years.   I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and, I am a farmer.

Your home may be your most valuable asset.  Do you know that this asset is governed by a Corporation?  Yes the Region Districts are set up as Corporations.

The rules or bylaws that affect your home, are often passed down from the Corporation   without the benefit of democratic debate or voter input.  The only voice you have in that Corporation is your Director.

I feel there is a need for greater input from the people.

The “Occupy” movements have been in the news lately.  I feel we need to be able to “Occupy” our homes.

The health of the Rural Community is in its diversity.

There is a blend of small businesses, retirement homes, rural family residences, and yes a few farms.

It is this diversity that makes living here desirable.  Cookie Cutter rules that work in the city will not work well in the rural areas.

Above the policies in place, I believe there should be a common sense clause.

Our dreams, wishes and plans for the homes we are paying for, should be given a louder voice in the Board Room of the RDCK.

If you are of a similar mindset please come out and support me on November 19, 2011.




– Owen Morris