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PHOTOS: McDougall Creek wildfire damage in West Kelowna

There is now an online search tool which allows residents to see if their homes have been damaged

As the smoke lifted from the Okanagan Valley on August 23, the destruction left behind by the McDougall Creek wildfire became visible.

The blaze, which since grew into the Grouse Complex wildfire, burned bright and hot on the night of Thursday August 17.

Hundreds of people in Kelowna lined the shore of Okanagan Lake to watch as flames engulfed trees and homes, sending sparks flying in the wind.

For days, the damage left behind was shielded by thick smoke. Now, as the ferocity of the Grouse Complex wildfire wanes and the skies clear, the blaze’s path of destruction has become more evident.

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There are 84 properties in West Kelowna and the Westbank First Nation that suffered damage as a result of the wildfire. An additional 90 properties in the Central Okanagan’s West electoral area were also damaged.

In Kelowna, four properties were burned, with another three properties damaged in Lake Country.

People with property inside of evacuation zones are now be able to check to see the status of their homes.

The Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre has launched the online search tool for residents of West Kelowna, Westbank First Nation and Central Okanagan West Electoral Area who were evacuated due to the wildfire.

The tool only applies for residents who had a property placed on evacuation order, and the general public not on order are asked to be respectful and not currently use the tool, which can be accessed by going to

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