With about $47K worth of work the entry and exit to Twim Rivers Estates will be more efficient.

With about $47K worth of work the entry and exit to Twim Rivers Estates will be more efficient.

Realignment for Twin Rivers gateway

Work expected to improve access to development

Castlegar City Council, in a special meeting on July 28 gave the go-ahead for work to double the entrance and exit options from the Twin Rivers Estates near the southern edge of the city.

In and out of the development at 3805 Columbia Avenue had been limited to a right-in, right-out scenario even though a full movement intersection had been part of the original design.In the accompanying report by the Department of Transportation and Civic Works (D of T&CW), however, it was outlined how concerns from the CPR and Ministry of Transportation had influenced the decision to build the intersection in it’s current form.

Since the initial design and construction phase of the development in 2008/09 the City of Castlegar has apparently been persistent in lobbying for a change to the intersection.

“The City was able to prove to the approving authorities,” states the report, in part, “that a full movement intersection was in the best interests of all.”Mayor Lawrence Chernoff, following the July 28 session said the move will add to the safety at the intersection because motorists have been going in and out however they choose, anyway.

“We’ve worked on this thing for three years to finally get it resolved,” His Worship related. “You’ll be able to make a left out of there now. People have been doing it illegally, which is all the more dangerous.”

The mayor indicated the sight lines along that particular stretch of highway are good and that he could never understand the rationale behind the right-in, right-out designation.The contract for the alteration, in the amount of $47,735 plus HST goes to the only bidder – Civil Tech Services Ltd. of Castlegar.