HELP volunteers from left to right: Peggy Keoppel

HELP volunteers from left to right: Peggy Keoppel

Red Cross needs volunteers

The Red Cross HELP program in Castlegar is in dire need of volunteers.

  • Nov. 27, 2014 1:00 p.m.

Chris Stedile


Castlegar News


The Red Cross HELP program in Castlegar is in dire need of volunteers.

HELP (Health Equipment Loan Program) offers medical equipment to those with injury or illness, seniors with mobility issues and allows people to return home from the hospital earlier.

As long as one has the proper note from their doctor they can stop by the office and borrow the equipment for three months, free of charge.

Sheryle Elliott, proud volunteer for HELP, is inviting anyone with a few hours of time to spare to come lend a hand.

“If people have three hours a week it can shake up their routine a little bit and they could come and visit our depot up by Kinnaird park. We really have a nice, spacious, comfortable working environment up here,” she said.

As of now, HELP only has a total of seven volunteers.

“It would be nice if we had twice that many because then if you take a day off or you need someone to cover you it’s possible. Right now many of the volunteers I think are working more than they would like to because they believe in the program still.”

The program, which used to run every day, has been reduced to only three days a week with minimum hours of operation.

Located at 1250A 26th Street, the facilities are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“For me volunteering is a social outlet. It brings people together,” Elliott added.

“I volunteer for the Red Cross because I find it supports a community resource that I myself have used in the past. I’ve been through surgery with my hips and used their equipment. When I went to return equipment there was always a sign that they were needing volunteers. So I thought well I can do this, and I’ve been volunteering ever since 2007. It’s a nice way of giving back.”

The Red Cross HELP is also looking for drivers and equipment maintenance personnel and asks that anyone that has forgotten to return equipment please do so as soon as possible.

To learn more, visit HELP or phone (250) 365-3911 ext. 100. Toll free: 1 (855) 995-3529