Selkirk College Embraces Vodcasting Technology for Teaching

Selkirk College Embraces Vodcasting Technology for Teaching

Teaching and Learning Institute Coordinator Theresa Southam helps two participants add media to their Vodcast.

Teaching and Learning Institute Coordinator Theresa Southam helps two participants add media to their Vodcast.

Selkirk’s Teaching & Learning Institute recently ran two workshops on flipped learning and vodcasting, the technique of creating videos shared with learners prior to classes to enhance face-to-face interaction during time together. Instructors, library and program staff who have students that would benefit from recorded material and who utilize online platforms are embracing vodcasting.


Modernizing the Learning Environment

The first workshop was led by April Gudenrath, a member of the Flipped Classroom Cadre, from Colorado Springs via Google+ Hangout. Host, Teaching and Learning Institute Coordinator, Theresa Southam recorded the session live on her YouTube channel. These vodcasts were then available for learners to review.

Southam offered the workshops in answer to demand from instructors curious about this new, revolutionary teaching technique. Vodcasting’s main platform is providing information for learners to view, at their own pace, before coming to class. This leaves classroom time for interactive knowledge application, sharing amongst learners and more one-to-one time.

Flipped learning and vodcasting are key parts in Selkirk’s Strategic Directions focus to modernize our 21st century learning environments, and Pillars of Success aim for teaching excellence. Both are priorities within Selkirk’s new Strategic Plan.


The New Learning Culture

Gudenrath described flipped learning as “an important part of the new learning culture”, promoting “student reflection”.  She pointed out its benefits for students at different levels.

Librarian and Chair of the Learning Technology & Advisory Committee (LTAC) Danielle Cossarini attended the workshops sharing information and advice. LTAC has acquired two mobile vodcasting units – camera, computer and software – to enable faculty and staff to take advantage of this new information sharing technique.

“As part of our innovation fund project, we received a lot of interest from instructors in vodcasting and using new technologies,” said Cossarini. “LTAC wants to help people adopt and adapt to this new technology.”


Creating Online Classrooms

Participants gathered for the second vodcasting workshop with video ideas for their learners and programs. Instructors, teachers, trainers and staff teamed up to help each other gain practical experience on making instructional videos – a first for many.  Their goal was to create vodcasts to support their classroom or online learning activities – making the information exchange easier and more rewarding.

“Vodcasting and flipping the classroom is not just about technology,” said Southam. “It requires reflection about what we teach and why.”

Selkirk International ELP/TESOL Instructor Tyler Ballam is striving to create an online TESOL course by the autumn, open to anyone. Vodcasting will be a huge benefit.

Nursing Instructor Franca Berdusco’s fourth year students created teaching videos as part of their leadership requirements. The project was such a success, third year students now want to carry on with it.

“We found so many benefits,” said Berdusco. “It satisfied the fourth year students’ desire to use more visuals, technology and active learning. It’s got momentum and it’s got the flipped classroom aspect that I wanted.”

Co-op & Employment Services (CEES) Administrative Assistant Olga Sherstobitoff finds she is often repeating instruction on how to use the new career portal

“I want to do an infomercial on how to use the Career Portal,” said Olga. “It would be housed somewhere accessible to all users.”

Participants all expressed an interest in learning more and continuing with their commitments to vodcasting  using the new technology available.


Robin Phelan

Online Marketing Coordinator

Selkirk College