Selkirk College presenting five-year strategic plan Monday

Chance for the public to find out more about direction of the school

Selkirk College - Castlegar Campus

Selkirk College - Castlegar Campus

For those curious about the growth and development of Selkirk College, a presentation of “Beyond Imagination,” the new five year strategic plan, will take place at the Castlegar Campus Staff Lounge on Monday, April 29 at 4:30 p.m.

“When we were developing the plan a year ago, we consulted with three main stakeholder groups: students, faculty and staff and the community,” said Selkirk president Angus Graeme. “Basically, this is the way to keep the dialogue going. I want to report back and say we’ve heard what was said and here’s how we have incorporated it into the plan.”

Graeme added this is a chance for people to fire questions at him regarding how specific details will be incorporated and an operational plan developed.

After some difficult decisions last year, including suspending some science and arts programming and eliminating some senior management positions, Graeme said things are looking up.

“We are in a much better position this year,” Graeme said. “We are coming at it guided by the strategic plan. What is today’s learner looking for and what does this particular region specifically need? It’s giving us good direction on new program ideas.”

Graeme said he was also concerned about the maintenance deficit at the Castlegar campus and that some things are in “dire need” of upgrades.

“It’s really tough to participate in the jobs plan or helping address the skills shortage when your facilities are aging,” he said.

The idea behind the meeting Monday, said Graeme, is to report back to people and not leave them hanging.

More information can be found at the Selkirk College website at