September weather in Castlegar a mixed bag

It was a tale of two halves in September but overall things were slightly warmer than normal.

Weather Vane

Weather Vane

Ron Lakeman, weather forecaster for the Southeast Fire Centre in Castlegar has issued his monthly bulletin recapping what the weather was like in the area. Here are the details from September:

“Other than a system that produced a few showers, thundershowers and relatively cool temperatures during the 6th and 7th, summer continued through the initial half of September  with high pressure providing many sunny and very warm days.  The warmest temperature of the month (32.3 degrees) was recorded during the afternoon of the 2nd.  Record maximum mean temperatures (warmest average temperatures) were set on the 13th and 14th.

The later half of the month was far more typical of autumn as numerous Pacific disturbances produced frequent rain and much cooler temperatures.  More than 80% of the months total rain fell during the final 15 days of the month, only 3 days during this period were rain free.  The 21.4 millimetres of rain which occurred with a vigorous frontal systems passage on the 28th is a new record maximum rainfall for the date.

Surprising to some the mean monthly temperature averaged out to be 1.8 degrees warmer than normal for September.  Not surprising was the total monthly rainfall of more than double the normal.  With 91.4 millimetres of rain it was the wettest September since 2004 and the 3rd wettest September since local records began in 1966.”