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Areas of Golden to remain without power for another night

Kicking Horse will be closed due to the outage

UPDATE: 4:00 p.m.

As BC Hydro continues to work on plans restore power, it estimates that some residents in Golden and Area A will likely be in the dark again over night.

A reception centre will be set up at the Golden Library (819 Park Dr) and Lion’s Den (in the basement of the Library) to accommodate more people that need access to power, water and heat overnight. The Golden Food Bank has dropped off some ready-to-eat food and snack items as well as baby formula.

If you require emergency access to food, please contact Laura Archer at 250-290-0467.

There are a number of steps to take to prevent pipes from freezing during a winter power outage:

  • If your home or business have had previous issues with pipes freezing, leave taps dripping and flush toilets hourly until heat is restored.
  • If your home or business are without a heat source and indoor temperatures are expected to drop below 0C, leave taps dripping and flush toilets hourly until heat is restored.
  • Keep garage doors closed, especially if there are water supply lines in the garage.


UPDATE: 3:30 p.m.

BC Hydro crews might be on scene but there is no longer an estimated time of power being restored to customers in Golden.

However, the Golden Pentecostal Tabernacle church building has power.

The church is offering a warming station for those without power.

“We have the heat running and there are two stoves and ovens if anyone would like to cook a hot meal. We’ve got coffee machines, hot water for tea and a fridge and freezer,” said Tori Martinsen with the church.

The church is also offering room in the fridge for anyone who has items that may spoil, while the power is out.

There is also water and juice available as well as bathrooms, but no hot water.

“Tons of outlets to charge devices. There is a large room with toys and an area for kids to play and hang out while you make food or chill out,” added Martinsen.


UPDATE: 1:30 p.m.

BC Hydro is reported that power could be restored by 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.


B.C. Hydro is estimating that power will be restored in Golden at approximately 5 p.m. local time, after power went out at 5:38 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 9.

The outage could leave some without power for almost 24 hours.

The outage has affected almost 5,000 B.C. Hydro customers, according to their website, with some areas in the south of town and Nicholson already seeing power restored.

The outage has also affected Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, which was slotted to open for the winter today, but will be unable to open due to the outage.

Crews are on scene working to restore power.

The cause of the outage is a substation fault, which means equipment in a local substation has failed. This could be due to a weather related issue or an issue with a piece of equipment. A crew must locate the area of the fault, inspect and repair any damage in order for the issue to be resolved.

B.C hydro will be posting updates to their website, with the last update coming at 9 a.m.

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