Some Lemon Creek crews departing cleanup scene

Several Quantum Murray staff will remain at Lemon Creek to monitor remaining booms and retrieve any residual fuel.

LOGO: Quantum Murray

LOGO: Quantum Murray

The contractor hired by Executive Flight Centre — the company responsible for a jet fuel spill of about 33,000 litres on July 26 —to help clean fuel from Lemon Creek in the Slocan Valley has completed some activities and is demobilizing some crews.

Information provided by Executive Flight Centre said Quantum Murray has completed in-stream activities prescribed by the Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) specialists and is demobilizing its flushing crews and mobile equipment.

Several Quantum Murray staff are to remain at Lemon Creek, possibly for a number of weeks, to monitor the remaining booms and to retrieve any residual product being collected.

The Ministry of Environment is assessing the progress of the cleanup effort. Results of these assessments will be used to determine next steps and are expected to be shared next week. Some information about water quality has already been released and was immediately challenged by some residents downstream of the spill.