Somebody call us a cab

Editorial ponders when, and by whom taxi service will be continued in Castlegar and area

The front page story in this week’s edition paints an unfortunate picture.

Anytime a community of this, or any size loses a service of any sort, it’s cause for concern.

In the case of the taxi business, some of the points made by the outgoing businessman have a certain ring of truth to them  specifically in terms of the cost of staying in operation, and the convenience of cab service for folks with health/mobility issues.

The versatility of the service was what has made the taxi industry stay in business as long as it has.

It will probably remain a viable business in larger cities, although those environments present some of their own unique challenges.

It’s also ironic, in a way, given the ongoing push to try and reduce the number of drinking drivers on the road. That being said, however, no one is likely to accept the excuse of “no cabs” if, and when someone gets popped for impaired driving.

Whether or not the number of impaired charges climbs, will remain to be seen.

One thing is assured, and too bad, it’s the senior who is still mostly in control of their affairs, who will have to find another way to the market and home again.