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Stranded fish due to low creeks turns up some B.C. water restrictions

Necessity to conserve water and help with low flows in North Okanagan result in move
Creeks and rivers are running dry, prompting a Level 5 Drought rating for the Okanagan. (Okanagan WaterWise photo)

The City of Armstrong is moving to Stage 2 Water Conservation Restrictions to conserve water and help with flows in Fortune Creek as there have been reports of low flows and fish stranded in isolated locations.

The city has increased its outflow from Silver Star Dams to help alleviate this situation. A reduction in demand will also provide an increase in flows within Fortune Creek.

“Water Conservation measures are mandatory” the city said.

All residents of Armstrong, Pleasant Valley and Round Prairie specified areas, Highland Park, Stardel, Silver Star and Lansdowne Water Districts and other residents of Spallumcheen receiving City of Armstrong water are required to be compliant with restrictions to watering habits.

During Stage 2 Restrictions, no person shall:

• Use a sprinkler or irrigation system to water a lawn, garden, trees or shrubs; or

• Wash driveways, sidewalks, parking lots or exterior building surfaces.

During Stage 2 a person may:

• Water trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables if watering is done by hand, but only during the prescribed Stage 1 watering hours and days which are:

•• an even-numbered address may water on even days of the calendar; and

•• an odd-numbered address may water on odd days of the calendar;

•• between the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.;

• Water newly planted trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables if watering by hand during

installation and for the following 24 hours.

“Water is a precious resource here in the Okanagan and the City of Armstrong remains on Stage 1 Water Conservation measures year-round,” said staff. “The City of Armstrong encourages all residents to protect our water by taking the Make Water Work pledge (”

For residents in Spallumcheen receiving bulk water from the Armstrong system – those located in the Hankey, Highland Park, Lansdowne, Pleasant Valley, Round Prairie, Silver Star and Stardel Local Area Services – water restricions are also in place.

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