Students chip in with city planning

Freshly acquired knowledge and enthusiasm to be infused into OCP process

Selkirk College

Selkirk College

Students from Selkirk College’s Integrated Environmental Planning program are undertaking an exciting community land use and sustainability planning project in conjunction with the City of Castlegar’s Development Services Department.  The Students will present their draft plans at an open house on Thursday March 21, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Castlegar Community Forum (445 13th Ave.)

The project is a community based learning exercise intended to help the City implement the Official Community Plan (OCP) prepared and adopted in 2010.

Each of the 12 students from Selkirk’s Integrated Environmental Planning program’s class of 2013 has selected a specific land use or sustainability planning topic from one of the many issue areas identified in the City’s OCP.

The topics include: Zero Waste, Local Food Production,  Street Trees and Urban Forestry, Wastewater Heat Recovery, Downtown Revitalization, Climate Change Adaptation,  Sustainable Stormwater Management,  Midtown Redevelopment Strategies and Form Based Zoning,  Heating, and Cooling Efficiency, Embracing the River, Pedestrian Connectivity, and Green Roof Design.

Although the OCP identified many opportunities for the City to become more livable  and sustainable the broad nature of this type of plan leaves many of the details for further study.

The students’ OCP Implementation Plans are intended to more fully research the each topic and provide concrete action steps to move the City forward toward a more sustainable, resilient, and economically prosperous future.

At the open house on Thursday March 21, each student will have a display providing an overview of their topic and the draft recommendations they have prepared.

The open house will provide a necessary and valuable opportunity for Castlegar citizens to learn about each of the plan topics and provide their input prior to the completion of the plans.

The event will include a formal presentation at 7.

Please contact Peter Holton at Selkirk College,   250-354-3559, for more information.