Taping game goes too far

School bus hijinks involving duct tape, not appreciated by parents or authorities

  • Nov. 18, 2011 4:00 p.m.



Castlegar RCMP Corporal Deb Postnikoff has reported that the local detachment received a complaint on October 26 regarding an incident involving a local school bus driver on one of the after school bus routes.The incident revolved around what was supposed to be a fun game between the driver and the kids.

The driver is alleged to have canvassed the children on who wanted to play a “be quiet” game. Several interested elementary shcool children volunteered. The driver proceeded to apply duct tape to the mouths and wrists of the willing participants. The kids continued on their journey home with taped mouths and wrists.

What the driver thought was supposed to be a fun game was not seen with the same humour by police, the school district nor some of the parents of the taped kids.Castlegar RCMP interviewed several children and parents.

It was learned that there was no harm caused to any of the children and they thought of it as a funny joke.Concerned parents obviously did not find this game or the actions of the school bus driver appropriate for a person who is in authority over their children.

This is believed to be an isolated incident. School District No. 20 officials acted on the allegations immediately and have dealt with the matter internally. Complainants were satisfied with the action taken by School District No. 20 and the investigation conducted by police. Criminal charges will not be pursued against the school bus driver.