Teachers’ Federation to take aim at Bill 22

Wide range of legal options to be examined, says Kootenay Columbia spokesman

Speaking from Vancouver Wednesday morning, Kootenay Columbia Teachers Union president Andy Davidoff told the Castlegar News that the delegates to the the BCTF annual meeting were continuing in their attempts to formulate a strategy for dealing with the recently passed Bill 22 which had made their job actions illegal.

“Nothing has been ruled out at this time,” said Davidoff, who indicated the general strategy decided upon by delegates was to be “a very concerted effort to kill Bill 22.”Davidoff, scheduled to fly back to Castlegar that afternoon, weather permitting, continued, “We’re going to work very hard to examine our legal options, and every other possible option to get rid of this draconian Bill 22 – an odious piece of legislation.”Davidoff described a willingness among teachers to exploit all legal and political means to beat the bill, as well as “anything we can do within the confines of the legislation.”He also expressed an eagerness to work with “all the other public service sector unions.”

The voting members, meanwhile expressed support for Susan Lambert, voting her in for a third one-year term.

“First Vice-President Jim Iker from Burns Lake and Second Vice-President Glen Hansman from Vancouver Elementary have also been re-elected to continue in their respective positions at the helm of the 41,000-member BCTF,” it was stated in a press release.