Like most children

Like most children

These are a few of my favourite things

Castlegar residents share their favourite things about Christmas.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Castlegar residents are enjoying the Christmas season. The Castlegar News recently asked people, “What is your favourite thing about Christmas?” Here are their responses:

“The cheeriness, the generosity. Gathering with family and friends.” Christine Esovoloff

“Opening presents.” Susanne Stutters, age 6

“Spending time with those you love and remembering those you love who have passed on, even though it makes you cry.” Marilyn Sam

“Being with family.” Christina Macleod

“Going to church and worshipping.” Ron McIntyre

“Christmas parties. Getting to go out, have fun and socialize and drink funny drinks and give presents.” Brenda Robertson

“I love the lights and the snow, it is beautiful. Everyone is a lot nicer.” Zoe Melo

“Hands down, the snow.” Daniel Blunt

“Christmas morning.” Chanah MacInnis, age 10

“The candlelight Christmas Eve service at my church.” Liza Voykin

“Family time.” Rob Voykin

“Getting together with family and friends and the meal afterwards.” Kennedy MacInnis, age 17

“I always like on Christmas morning reading from the bible the story about Jesus’ birth. Also the songs, the food and the fellowship.” Michelle Potter

“The warmth and family love.” David Brisenbine

“Being with family. Every Christmas Eve, my whole family, we get into the van and drive around Castlegar and look at Christmas lights, that is my favourite thing to do. We have been doing it since our kids were little, still in car seats.” Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstibitoff

“Being together with family, that’s really about it, isn’t it? And the kids, Christmas to me is all about the kids.” Councillor Dan Rye

“I like it when my Dad reads the Christmas story and we are all together.” Leanne Stutters, age 12

“My grandchildren, absolutely. Their eyes are just unbelievable.” Councillor Bruno Tassone

“Family. The joy of the celebration of the Christmas season.” Mayor Lawrence Chernoff