FILE PHOTO: Twin Rivers / Millennium Park in Castlegar

FILE PHOTO: Twin Rivers / Millennium Park in Castlegar

Twin Rivers / Millenium Park contract delayed a week

More time is required for contractors to prepare bids

A contract for work on the Twin Rivers / Millennium Park upgrades will be delayed for at least a week as experts decide exactly how best to proceed.

Chris Barlow, director of transportation and civic works for the City of Castlegar, said the contractors requested more time to prepare bids because of the complexity of the project.

A look at part of the bid shows just what they are up against:

– Bulk earthworks and grading: clearing grubbing and earthworks (13,575 sq.m) to form the ponds and associated berms, channels and surrounding landforms including the habitat compensation area.

– Liner installation: 9,360 sq.m of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) over the pond area, and placement of 6,830 cu.m sand cover over liner.

– Structures: 245 sq.m of watercourse channels, channels for water supply points, weirs and river outfall structures.

– Riprap: 1000 sq.m on riverbank areas.

– Placement and grading of 960 cu.m sand on future turf areas.

– 5,215 sq.m of hydroseeding on riparian and habitat compensation areas.

Once the contract is awarded and work schedules set, any trail closures or interruptions to park facilities will be published.