Wet alert at Castlegar institution

Water leak makes for some inconvenience at Selkirk College, Thursday

Worker deals with the issue on Thursday morning.

Worker deals with the issue on Thursday morning.

A Wednesday evening break in a water line at Selkirk College‘s Castlegar campus prompted a detour to the inside of the administration building the following morning, Sept. 5.

A comment from the college’s maintenance department indicated the problem affected only the one building, with slight water damage resulting.

Selkirk College Director of Human Resources and Community Relations, Gary Leier stated later Thursday that “gyproc and tiles… usual casualties of leakage, needed to be replaced or dried out.”

Leier expressed no surprise over the ruptured pipe, explained that this is the second time for the failed piece of equipment.

“It’s just further evidence of aging infrastructure needing upgrading,” said Leier, adding that the college is aware of the needs and has included various improvements as goals in it’s strategic planning.