Wildfire Newsletter

Latest report on local conditions from the South East Fire Centre

  • Aug. 15, 2012 3:00 p.m.

Fires Of Note:

Fire season has arrived with 47 fires occurring in the last week. Forty‐three of those were caused by lighting and the remaining four were personcaused.

Quick response from initial attack crews, have lead to many of the 47 fires already extinguished. However, a few remain burning. None are threatening any communities or structures, but some are visible to surrounding populated areas.

N70252: Skimmer Horn Fire (east of Lister), is 56 hectares and 45 per cent contained. Today, 32 personnel, 6 helicopters are working on the fire.

N70297: Five Mile Creek (9km NE of Nelson) has been mapped at 1.6 hectares and is now 100 per cent contained and is being mopped‐up.

N50296: 14km NW Castlegar is now 100 per cent contained and is being mopped‐up.

N50333: East of new Denver in the Silverton Creek area is 0.009 hectares and is currently being fought by one initial attack crew and one helicopter. This is one of a few small spot‐sized fires caused by lightning to occur in the last week in this area.

Fires to date:

So far this season, the Southeast fire centre has seen 102 fires which have burned 296 hectares. Of those fires, 34 where person‐caused and the rest are lightning‐caused. The 5 year average for this time of year is 268 fires. (3,245 ha’s.)


There are currently 128 active personnel and 66 contractors fighting wildfires in the southeast. As the rest of the interior is experiencing similar conditions, all people need to be extremely cautious and diligent when considering industrial activities or when lightning campfires.