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May 23, 1947 - April 8, 2023
 In loving memory ~

Larry was born in Stonewall, MB, on May 23, 1947, to Helene and Harold Stanbra, and was raised in Teulon, MB. His earliest memory, at around 3 years old, had him chasing a pretty kitty in the farmyard after church one Sunday, calling "Here, Kitty Kitty," but just as he caught the kitty, it lifted its black and white tail and sprayed him all over! Apparently, even after several baths, he still stunk, and they had to bury his Sunday best clothes right down to his shoes!

Life was always busy on the farm, and Larry was a hard worker. Even as a child, he was always helping his Dad look after little piglets, and he even slept in the barn at 10 years old when a litter was due. He milked cows before and after school and gathered eggs from over 200 chickens... but there was always time for fun too! Larry and his best friend, George Shadlock, got up to lots of youthful shenanigans! And yes, Larry really did ride in a horse-drawn sleigh to and from school in the winter!

And Larry and his friends got into all sorts of trouble... like the time he and George and some buddies borrowed George's Dad's car and accidentally drove it into the swamp. Trying to pull it out, they first pulled the back bumper off, then pulled the front bumper off, and watched as it sank deeper into the mud! Larry had to dive under the car to properly hook the chain on, and then poor George had to face the music with his Dad. George and Larry had a wonderful, action-packed youth with all their friends, and they remained lifelong best friends!

Larry was a fantastic horseman. A true cowboy! He and his Dad bought thoroughbred horses from the Assiniboine Downs race track for Larry to race in the Chariot races at the rodeos. Dressed in flowing blue silks in his chariot and his buddy Ronny Carlson in red silks, Larry drove 4 gorgeously decorated horses to the Manitoba Championship at the Morris Stampede and is on their Wall of Fame! We still have that treasured trophy!

There are so many funny stories from his teenage years as well as while working as a surveyor for the MB Government. Lots of escapades involved his friend Marty Jeffrey, but one of the funniest was with Ward Bond when they decided to go to Alaska, but when it got cold there, they turned left instead and drove to Santa Barbara! He and Ward wreaked havoc in Barbados as well, but in 1975, Larry decided to start a new life and headed west to BC. That's where he met the love of his life, Kris, his sweetheart, his soul mate, and his very best friend for over 45 years! They had 2 boys, Clarke and Cole, and Larry was the best father you could ever imagine. He was a fabulous role model for his boys, always spending time with them and making life fun with his wicked sense of humour! He encouraged them both to follow their dreams and was always there to support them whenever they needed him. And they have become absolutely amazing young men!

He also had very special relationships with several of his nieces and nephews; he loved them dearly, and he always made time for them—his family!

And Larry always made things more fun! He was so quick-witted and fun to be around that it was always a race to try to be seated next to Larry at any event, as there was always guaranteed laughter! Put his buddy Garry Sauer and Larry together at any City party, and our table always had the most fun!

Larry started working at the City in May of 1978 and worked for them until his heart attack in 2005. He started out as a heavy equipment operator but took many courses, including Water Distribution I, II, and III, and became the Water and Sewer foreman. Larry knew where every water line, gas line, and water shutoffs were in the whole City. He took pride in his work and was well respected by his crew and anyone who worked with him! His work ethic was amazing, and he once went almost 9 years without taking a sick day. He was totally committed to his job, his crew, and his City!

Even though Larry suffered a massive heart attack and had open heart surgery with 6 bypasses, a new porcine mitral valve, and carotid artery stents on each side, and with his heart only working at 30%, he remained a vibrant, hardworking, fun loving guy! Larry always had 5 projects on the go, and he could fix anything! He was a mechanic, a carpenter, a name it, he could do it or look up a tutorial on his iPad and teach himself how to do it! He was a truly amazing man!

Larry also loved music, and he and Kris, Carol, and Ernie enjoyed some absolutely wonderful concerts together! The fabulous foursome!

But Larry will be remembered most for being a family man. He was totally devoted to Kris and their boys, and he often said he didn't need anything else in life! But being the kind of guy he was, Larry gathered many true blue friends over the years, especially wonderful neighbours and friends like Wayne Fry, Carlos Jacinto, Tony Goulart, and his golf buddy, Gord DeVito. When Larry knew the end was near, he reached out to all his favourite old friends and neighbours, and there were many wonderful phone calls and hospital visits. Larry and his sister Arlene talked almost every day, reminiscing, and he also talked to George, Marty, Ward, and his cousin Brian in those last few days. His hospital room was filled with family, friends, and laughter! Larry insisted on the laughter! Although he said many times he wished it could be him looking after her, Larry knew that Kris was being well looked after by their wonderful friends Carol Oglow, Moe Sauer, Patti Thygeson, Cathy Lafortune, Elaine Gallo, Olga Jacinto, Sarah Fry and Gail Oglow, to name a few, and Kris' sister Patty came right away to be by her side! Her husband, Rick Turner, came too and had a chance to see his old buddy one more time! Larry even got to have his lovely puppy, Bella, with him!

Kris never left Larry's side for the last 5 days and nights of his life, and with Clarke, Justin, and Cole at her side with him, she held his hand till the end, and he was surrounded by his family's love! 

A bright, shining light went out on April 8, 2023, and he will be missed by every single person who ever truly knew him!

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