A time for de-occupation

Points have been made, "Occupy" efforts need to wind down

Here in Castlegar we get a fairly nice mix of what is worldly and was is safely distinct from the sophisticated woes of the world.

In smaller communities like this one there is often an off-shoot of the so-called “big-time,” with entertainment efforts like

(insert town name here) Idol contests and the like. It’s fun and it’s a ready-made model with which the small town population can strut its stuff.

In terms of the “Occupy” phenomenon that began on New York’s Wall Street before going world-wide and is now at or beyond its best-before date… Castlegar has all but missed the boat.

Passionate participants in other communities, including Nelson, got on the bandwagon and were able to make some hay while cashing in on the publicity of the global craze, but people everywhere are indicating more and more that the party should wind up.

The message was, and is, a valid one but the messenger is either getting hoarse, the public impatient, or both.

It’s time for everyone to shrink their focus back to dealing with their own short-term needs.

Massive social change, on a scale such as what’s been pushed for in the various “Occupy” sites… isn’t likely to happen in a particular month or even a season.

Now’s probably a good time to hunker down and maybe make plans for bigger, better, and more influential campaigns in the future.

How about “Occupy 2012?”