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Editorial expresses gratification with relatively high number of letters

Whatever the forum, whomever the resident journalists… the content that truly stands the test of time is that which is sent in by citizens.

It’s good to see a recent spike in the number of letters in the past couple of weeks… it makes the clear suggestion that you’re ready to weigh in. All that’s needed by way of a postage stamp is an issue you feel strongly enough about.

No topic is out of bounds… naturally something we’ve covered is going to be a rather likely candidate for public reaction, but it can be any local issue a writer cares to address.

The writer also has virtual carte blanche when it comes to the style of their correspondence, that said, remember, a few changes may be made along the way… depending on the submission. Spelling and grammar will be checked over, and the removal of gratuitous punctuation can be expected if and when it is encountered. Multiple exclamation points, for example, are not likely to survive… but then… if we can’t edit, who are we trying to kid?

The point is that local residents are getting in on the process with both our print and online products and we’re sure your presence makes for a better product overall.

Not to suggest anything inflammatory… but we’ve got qualified legal council when we need it – available to review material prior to publication. So there’s no reason to mince words when you make your submission.