And thanks from Megan, too – Letter

Megan Hutchinson.

Megan Hutchinson.

Words fall short with respect to saying thank-you to all of the people from our community who have supported us from the time of our daughter’s tragic accident on Nov. 18.

Thank-you co-workers from Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital for setting up the on going  trust fund for Megan, at any Kootenay Savings Credit Union branch, the Old Time Fiddlers for their generous donation, the Arlington Hotel, Jason Thomas and all of the musicians who played their heart out for our daughter, Mark Impey Canadian Ski Quest, we thank you Colin Foli and his group who raised a considerable amount of money with a group of wonderful friends from the Eagles in Rossland.

Thank-you  Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin who visited us in Spokane and the donation of U.S. funds from the Pee Wee hockey team in Fruitvale and all of our friends who have visited us.

Thank-you to Mike Walsh who has been available at the drop of the hat taking care of our home, our cat and just about everything else.I think of all of the wonderful young students who signed the massive banner for Megs and who have continued to keep in touch via Facebook telling her how much they love and miss her, never faltering, the cards and letters, the Justin Bieber acoustic CD and all of the bake sales, fundraising events, school promotions, cards, letters, gifts — we are so appreciative of this.

To all of the people from our community, we thank you, you have kept us in your hearts and prayers over these past  months — your love and support has carried us  in our darkest hour — how can we say thank you enough for that?

Diane Arnason & Bob Hutchinson